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Our Commercial Kitchen Planning

We have many years of international experience in planning commercial kitchens, mainly in the areas of communal catering, canteens, hotel kitchens, restaurants, cooling rooms, siderooms, bars, buffets and free-flow facilities.

We plan company canteens, school canteens, kitchens for restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes, clinics, academies, nursery schools, day care centers, universities, vocational schools, high schools and so on. Wherever a canteen kitchen is needed, we are happy to be there as a specialist planner!

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Kitchens and Commercial Kitchens by Specialist Planning Office Fischer

Our state-of-the-art and precise plans meet all the latest guidelines and regulations for modern technology, safety and hygiene. The logistics and planning from preparation, production through to final consumption, as well as the business management processes, are all up-to-date.

Requirements according to the location of the company and the wishes of the client are of course incorporated and taken into account. Only a specialist, optimal consultation for the upcoming needs, by questioning the status quo and noticing potential problems all the way to the execution, can lead to the right planning and to the desired success. We also plan for any interim periods that may be necessary and advise clients on viable and cost-effective provisional solutions.